The Entrepreneurial Dare

אירוע באנגלית במיינדספייס ת"א


08 במרץ 2022, 18:30 
Mindspace - אחד העם 54 ת"א 
International Women’s Day (8.3) with Israel’s finest tech pioneers!

Ignite, WE & TAU Intl are hosting an exciting event!


Join us for a LIVE meetup celebrating International Women’s Day (8.3) with Israel’s finest tech pioneers!


The event will be held in English at Mindspace, 54 Ahad Ha'am st.,  Event Hall (5th floor) , Tel Aviv


We’ll begin the evening with a networking session, accompanied with wine, cheese platters, and other tasty treats before settling in to learn from our guest speakers:


  • Noa Matz, Operating Partner at F2 VC, is spearheading the startup psychology field.
  • Lanor Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO of, a company that uses AI to customize the in-person shopping experience based on neuroscience and psychology.
  • Shlomit Steinberg-Koch, Co-Founder and CEO of Predicta Med, a revolutionary AI based solution that saves lives by detecting autoimmune diseases early on.



Event Itinerary

18:30-19:00: Doors open, wine, dine, and network

19:00-19:30: Noa Matz

19:30-20:00: Lanor Daniel

20:00-20:30: Shlomit Steinberg-Koch

20:30-20:45: Closing remarks


Spots are limited, register now!


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