The 6th Annual Coller Startup Competition

Part I : Coller Startup Competition Info Session

Part II : So' How can I start my Startup?

03 במרץ 2022, 19:30 
Zoom- English 
he 6th Annual Coller Startup Competition : Info Session &  How to Start my Startup  in English

One event, two parts:


Let's talk about How to Start a Startup, and - an info session about the 6th Coller Startup Competition


March 3rd at 19:30 in English on Zoom

The link to Zoom will be sent on the day of the event



Part I - The 6th Annual Coller Startup Competition: Info Session

The Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University is proud to announce the 6th Annual Coller Startup Competition.

​The goal of the competition is to encourage TAU students and Alumni to engage in entrepreneurial venturing and launch great startups.

Winners of previous competitions had gained recognition, support, and millions of dollars in follow on investments.

Join us to hear more about the competition and other great opportunities.


Part II - You have a great idea for a startup. Great ! So what is the next step?

Whether it’s an innovative concept or a smart and resourceful product that will change our constantly changing world-there are so many issues to address:

Who should be my partners? When is the best time to talk with investors? Should I quit my job? What is the path to bring it to reality?


But wait, what is this ‘path’, anyway?

Join us!


About the Speaker

Eyal Benjamin (Ph.D) is a serial entrepreneur, rock climber, and Head of Entrepreneurial Projects at Coller Institute of Venture, Tel Aviv University.


**The event will be held in English.

The link to the event (via Zoom) will be sent prior to the event.

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