Foodtech Il 2024: Kickstarting Your Foodtech Startup

The state of the Protein industry, IIA support, the global investment perspective, and more!

A Zoom Event

English-speaking event

17 באפריל 2024, 18:30 
Foodtech Il 2024: Kickstarting  Your Foodtech Startup

Welcome to FoodTech IL 2024: Kickstarting Your FoodTech Startup!

Are you passionate about food and technology?
Want to learn how to launch your own FoodTech startup?

Get ready to hear from the leading experts in the Israeli FoodTech ecosystem, known as the best ecosystem worldwide outside US.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights and help you kickstart your FoodTech venture.


 18:30-19:30 - Agenda

Welcome notes

The Current State of the Alternative Protein Industry - presenting exciting new opportunities

How to kickstart with The Israeli Innovation Authority Support

A Global Investment Perspective on the Israeli Ecosystem

The FoodTech Track of the Coller Startup Competition




Q&A session with Coller Competition and FreshStart Teams

Speakers and Moderators

Harry Kalms / CPT Capital.

Ronit Eshel / IIA.

Noga Sela Shalev / Fresh Start.

Aviv Oren / GFI.

llanit Kabessa / Coller Startup Competition.

Eyal Benjamin (PhD) / Coller Startup Competition.

See you at the Meetup!


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