Low Income Housing Supply and Housing Affordability

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14 ביוני 2022, 9:00 
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Low Income Housing Supply and Housing Affordability


Conference on:

Low Income Housing Supply and Housing Affordability

Jointly Organized by ESCP Business School, Tel Aviv University, and UCLA

Tel Aviv University Campus | June 14-15 2022

Tuesday, June 14 2022 (9 am4:15pm)

Session One: Homelessness and Rent Affordability

Chair: Steve Oliner, American Enterprise Institute


The Welfare Effects of Eviction and Homelessness Policies

Boaz Abramson, Stanford University

Discussant: Elior Cohen, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansa City


Tenant Rights, Eviction, and Rent Affordability

Thao Le, Georgia State University (with Ed Coulson and Lily Shen)

Discussant: Richard Green, University of Southern California


Session Two: Effect of Real Estate Taxation

Chair: Jaime Luque, ESCP Business School


To Own or to Rent? The Effects of Transaction Taxes on Housing Markets

Lu Han, University of Wisconsin at Madison (with Rachel Ngai and Kevin Sheedy)

Discussant: Tamar Ramot-Nyska, Bank of Israel


Real Estate Investors, House Prices, and Rents: Evidence from Capital-Gains Tax Changes

Eran Hoffmann, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with Itai Ater and Yael Elster)

Discussant: Tsur Somerville, University of British Columbia


Transaction Taxes and Housing Market Dynamics: New Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment

Stanimira Milcheva, University College London (with Yunlong Huang)

Discussant: Itai Ater, Tel Aviv University


Guest Lecture

Dan Ben-David, Tel Aviv University

Israel at a Crossroads: The View from 30,000 Feet



Session Three: Household Finance, Inequality, and Race

Chair: Danny Ben-Shahar, Tel Aviv University


Does Appraiser and Borrower Race Affect Valuation?

Luis A. Lopez, University of Illinois at Chicago (with Brent Ambrose, James Conklin, Edward Coulson, and Moussa Diop)

Discussant: Raven Molloy, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


Inattentive Households, Mortgage Redistribution, and Inequality

Konstantin Milbradt, Northwestern University (with David Berger, Fabrice Tourre, and Joe Vavra)

Discussant: Morris Davis, Rutgers University



Wednesday, June 15 (9 am2:45 pm)

Session Four: Rental Housing Markets

Chair: Joao Cocco, London Business School


The Effect of Short-Term Rentals on Residential Investments

Edward Kung, California State University (with Ron Bekkerman and Maxime Cohen)

Discussant: Nitzan Tzur-Ilan, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas


Robbing Peter to Pay Paul? The Redistribution of Wealth Caused by Rent Control

Marco Giacoletti, University of Southern California (with Kenneth Ahern)

Discussant: Isaac Hacamo, Indiana University



Session Five: Housing Supply and Homeownership

Chair: Stuart Gabriel, University of California at Los Angeles


Stochastic Frontier Estimation of Housing Supply

David Genesove, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with Dan Ben-Moshe)

Discussant: Joe Tracy, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas


Secondary Housing Supply

Andreas Mense, University Erlangen-Nuremberg

Discussant: Yongheng Deng, University of Wisconsin – Madison


The Housing Market Impact of Immigrant Preferences for Homeownership

Gregor Schubert, University of California at Los Angeles (with Caitlin Gorback)

Discussant: Jorge de la Roca, University of Southern California


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