Foodtech Meetup# 2 - Meet the Foodtech Ecosystem: Accerlerators ,Incubators and Hubs

Event on Feb 7th at 19:30  in Hebrew  - Zoom 

07 בפברואר 2022, 19:30 
Foodtech Meetup# 2 - Meet the Foodtech Ecosystem: Accerlerators ,Incubators and Hubs

Leading organizations in the Israeli FoodTech industry, supporting early-stage ventures, will share information on their programs: duration, scientific & business advice, access to capital, market access, etc.



Amir Zaidman. VP Biz Dev at The Kitchen

Levana Shifman. Executive Director MAF (Modern Agriculture Foundation) & Better Plate Track

Noga SelaShalev. VP Biz Dev at Fresh Start Food Tech Incubator

Nisan Zeevi. VP at Margalit Startup City Galil and JVP

Dr. Avital Regev Siman-Tov. EIT FAN Israel Director



19:30-19:45 Welcome and Introductions. Dr. Eyal Benjamin and Ilanit Kabessa.

19:45-20:30 Pitches from leading early-stage supporting organizations.

20:30-21:15 Breakout rooms with the participants.

21:15-21:30 Closing Remarks.


About the participants

The Kitchen Hub is both a FoodTech incubator and a seed investor supporting startups that address global food challenges.Following a vision of doing good by doing food, founded by the Strauss Group in 2015 in collaboration with the Israeli Innovation Authority and is the leading FoodTech investor in Israel with 22 investments.

MAF's Better Plate Track within Mass Challenge Accelerator will support early-stage startups as they seek to disrupt the alternative protein industry through innovation and entrepreneurship. Leading startups advancing plant-based proteins, fermentation, cultivated meat, or related sustainable food innovations will gain in the accelerator invaluable networking and mentoring opportunities with top industry figures.

Fresh Start Incubator is part of the Israeli Innovation Authority incubator's program, investing in seed and pre-seed FoodTech startups, contributing to a more sustainable value chain and healthier food since 2020. The incubator is a partnership between Tnuva ,Tempo, OurCrowd, and Finistere Ventures that provides technological, business and financial support to its portfolio companies.

Studio Gali by Margalit Startup City Galil Innovation Center is a groundbreaking hub for startups, investors, multinational companies, developers, entrepreneurs, and academic researchers collaborating to create the next big foodtech and agritech startups that will change our world. The cultivation platform is designed to take startups to their next fundable level by offering a unique tailored mentoring platform and physical hub.

European Innovation and Technology Food Accelerator Network (EIT FAN) is a pan-European accelerator program headed by the Faculty of Biotechnology & Food Engineering at the Technion together with Strauss Group and PeakBridge VC Fund. Joining startups will fast-track their innovation, unlock industry connections, pilot their technology, and tap into investment opportunities across Europe.


See you soon!

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